Program Add-ons.

Add-on curricula and services.


The following are add-on curricula for our programs.

Peace Peddlers


Peer Mediation Training Program.

The Peacemakers™ peer mediation training curriculum empowers students to assist their peers experiencing conflict. Peacemakers™ provides an exceptional opportunity for students to become their school’s ‘Peacemaker’ mediators and utilize communication, cooperation, and problem-solving skills to help their peers solve real life issues.

Curriculum Details

The Peacemakers™ curriculum is an add-on curriculum for Peace Peddlers Summit and Peace Peddlers Climb programs.

Peace Peddlers


Restorative Practices Training and Support Curriculum

The Peace Restored™ restorative practices training curriculum empowers educators to facilitate Community Building, and Harm and Reintegration circles in their schools and communities. Peace Restored™ features a unique support component and provides ongoing coaching, consultation, and web conferencing support to educators who successfully complete the training curriculum.

Curriculum Details

The Peace Restored™ curriculum is an add-on curriculum for Peace Peddlers Guide program.


The following are add-on services for our programs.

Peace Peddlers


Online Mediation, Conflict Coaching, and Restorative Justice Facilitation Services.

Peace Now™ provides professional online mediation, conflict coaching, and restorative justice facilitation services to students and educators.

Service Solutions

Peace Now™ is an add-on professional services feature for the Peace Peddlers Base Camp, Peace Peddlers Climb, Peace Peddlers Summit, and Peace Peddlers Guide programs.