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Conflict Resolution & Bullying Prevention Training Program.

Climb™ includes Peace Peddlers’ Power-Up™ core curriculum. The curriculum’s 9 interdisciplinary modules bring learning to life by providing students training in conflict analysis and resolution, and bullying prevention. Peace Peddlers Climb™ empowers students in grades 6-8 with the knowledge and skills to peacefully resolve conflict, and identify and safely stand up to bullying.

The program includes: a single site | 1 year license; program modules, units, and courses; downloadable manuals, forms, and certificates of completion; an entrance interview with the school leadership team; 1-hour online staff orientation session; online training for a pre-determined number of students in grades 6-8; 32 hours of Peace Peddlers Guide™ training for a pre-determined number of educators; and 4 hours of policy making, implementation, and evaluation training.

Program Notes

Peace Peddlers requires educators delivering the Climb™ program to successfully complete Peace Peddlers Guide™ training. Successful completion of the Guide™ program is a prerequisite for educators participating in the Climb™ training experience. The fee for Guide™ training is determined by the number of educators participating in the Climb™ program and included in the cost of the Climb™ program.

Peace Peddlers Guide™ training may also be purchased on an individual basis throughout the year at The Peace Academy, Peace Peddlers’ online professional development training academy. Educators successfully completing Guide™ training at The Peace Academy fulfill the prerequisite requirement for participating in the Climb™ training experience for schools actively participating in the Climb™ program.

Annual Program Renewal

All school sites are invoiced in spring of the current school year with payments due by July 1 of the upcoming school year. Take advantage of our Investment Tool to determine the cost of renewing the program.

Investment Tool

We recommend you take advantage of our interactive tool to determine your Peace Peddlers investment. The Peace Peddlers Investment Tool is designed to walk you through key program investment details including supplies, participation fees, and professional development. 

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“I did not like dealing with conflict, so much so that I avoided it whenever possible. After attending several Peace Peddlers conflict management courses, I now feel I have the skills to deal with it whenever and wherever it occurs.” Steve R.


Peace Peddlers Testimonials
“I was looking for professional guidance when dealing with a business partner who had gone rogue, making decisions without my input or approval. Peace Peddlers provided the insight and guidance I needed to constructively address the issues I was facing.” Diane C.

_Insight and Guidance,

Peace Peddlers Testimonials
“Peace Peddlers gave me the help I needed to successfully resolve a personal dispute I had with a friend. I found their assistance compassionate and professional.” Craig G.

_Compassionate and Professional,

Peace Peddlers Testimonials