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Peace Patrol™

Engaging. Empowering. Transformative.

Peace Patrol™ is a peacekeeping program for middle and high schools.  As the first step of a holistic approach to create peaceful schools and communities, the goal of Peace Patrol™ is to reduce the likelihood of conflict escalation while cultivating an environment for positive peace. Peace Patrol™ empowers students with the knowledge and skills to become peacekeepers in their schools.

Why Peace Patrol™?

School violence is a problem both on and off school grounds and represents a national crisis. Schools struggle to address this problem, and many educators lack the training and support to effectively prevent and address violence.  Reducing school violence requires more effective action, training, and programs designed to improve safety, school climate, and well-being for students and educators.  This is why Peace Patrol™ exists.  Students, educators, schools and communities benefit from the Peace Patrol™ program, which allows students and educators an online opportunity develop peacekeeping skills to help prevent crisis, intervene during “hot” crisis, or provide support following a crisis event.

Program Description

Peace Patrol™ consists of online training for middle and high school students and educators in four core areas:

  1. Observation:  Participants are trained to observe potential conflict situations by entering areas where they most often occur (hallways, bathrooms, cafeteria, gym locker rooms, bus lanes, stairwells, etc.) and establish positive relationships in the school. When a conflict or situation is identified, the students (who work in pairs) decide the best strategy for intervention.
  2. Intervention:  Participants are trained and equipped to disrupt potential conflicts from escalating by identifying and alerting disputants to their presence. Once the students are alerted, they use their skills to safely persuade the individuals involved in conflict to think about an alternative conflict resolution course of action.
  3. Facilitation:  Participants facilitate the intervention process by assisting the disputants in resolving their situation peacefully. Students will refer their peers to available services or Peace Peddlers programs in the school or community.
  4. Oversight: Participants provide oversight by following-up with the students to make ensure they received the services or assistance that was needed. If there is a need for additional services, the students will notify their school coordinator of the issue.

The online program includes readings and study questions, online discussion questions, interactive activities, videos, discussion board opportunities, virtual discussions, and lectures from conflict resolution professionals knowledgeable about the middle and high school environments. Level-Up™ is designed for students to work collaboratively through each of the online modules.

Program Benefits

  • Reduction in school violence;
  • Reduction in “hot” crisis events;
  • Improved relationships;
  • Positive learning environment;
  • Reduced classroom disruptions;
  • Reduced suspensions;
  • Increased attendance;
  • Decrease in serious behavioral disruptions.

How to Get Started?

An interested school should conduct a needs assessment to determine if the school body feels peacekeeping is needed to prevent and interrupt crisis events. If the needs assessment is affirmative, reach out to the administration.

  1.  Approach the school administration and ask for their support. This is imperative! If the administrative staff is supportive, recruit the students.
  2.  Interested students should complete an application and interview.
  3.  Determine how students will perform peacekeeping activities.
  4.  If a school coordinator is unsure of how to put together a program, we suggest seeking staff development on how to establish a sustainable program.
  5.  Acquire training for students! This is where Peace Patrol™ can be beneficial!
  6.  Once students are ready, advertise the Peace Patrol™ program to the school community.


Students explore behavioral and cultural expectations and challenges in the academic setting.


Defining Conflict

Conflict Styles Assessment

Balancing School, Work, and Social Life

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Read what people are saying.

“I did not like dealing with conflict, so much so that I avoided it whenever possible. After attending several Peace Peddlers conflict management courses, I now feel I have the skills to deal with it whenever and wherever it occurs.” Steve R.


Peace Peddlers Testimonials
“I was looking for professional guidance when dealing with a business partner who had gone rogue, making decisions without my input or approval. Peace Peddlers provided the insight and guidance I needed to constructively address the issues I was facing.” Diane C.

_Insight and Guidance,

Peace Peddlers Testimonials
“Peace Peddlers gave me the help I needed to successfully resolve a personal dispute I had with a friend. I found their assistance compassionate and professional.” Craig G.

_Compassionate and Professional,

Peace Peddlers Testimonials