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Conflict Management and Resolution Program.

Level-Up’s 10 interdisciplinary modules bring learning to life by providing college students training in conflict resolution. Peace Peddlers’ Level-Up™ empowers students with the knowledge and skills to manage conflict and negotiate for their needs.

Why Level-Up™?

The first year experience for many college students is fraught with personal adjustments and new expectations. Students are navigating new relationships, learning from and experiencing new cultures and students from different socioeconomic backgrounds, and developing relationships with students from different faith backgrounds. They are managing new sexual and relationship mores as well as possibly learning to live without the direct guidance of their parents for the first time. As such, dealing with conflict and making efforts to negotiate for their needs are constants. This is why Level-Up™ exists. Students, colleges and universities benefit from the Level-Up™ program, which allows students an online opportunity to learn about and practice understanding and resolving conflict.

Program Description

Level-Up™ consists of online training for incoming college and university students (including transfer and commuter students). The online program includes readings and study questions, online discussion questions, interactive activities, videos, discussion board opportunities, virtual discussions, and lectures from conflict resolution professionals knowledgeable about the college and university environment. Level-Up™ is designed for students to work collaboratively through each of the online modules.



Students explore behavioral and cultural expectations and challenges in the academic setting.

Typical “Choices” that are Made in College

Students develop an understanding of the academic, social and career-related decisions they must make in order to progress through their time at school.

Peer Relations

Students develop an understanding of the role of peer relationships and its affect on academic, social, emotional, and institutional outcomes.

Relations with Faculty and Staff

Students examine characteristics of positive relationships between students and faculty and staff.

Defining Conflict

Factors in Conflict

Conflict between Peers

Conflict between Students and Faculty/Staff

Relationship Conflict

Roommate Relations

Conflict Styles Assessment

Emotional Learning


Balancing School, Work, and Social Life

Anxiety and Stress Related to Failure to Manage Time

Study Skills and Time Management

Money Management

Stress Management

Listening Skills

Problem Solving

Leadership vs. Followership


Dealing with Differences

Organizational Conflict

Conflict within Entities (Fraternities, etc.)

Dorm Life




Lessening Tension

Seeking Outside Help (Campus Mediation)

Online Exercises

Resolving Conflict (Practice)

Organizational Conflict

Peacebuilding Careers

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Read what people are saying.

“I did not like dealing with conflict, so much so that I avoided it whenever possible. After attending several Peace Peddlers conflict management courses, I now feel I have the skills to deal with it whenever and wherever it occurs.” Steve R.


Peace Peddlers Testimonials
“I was looking for professional guidance when dealing with a business partner who had gone rogue, making decisions without my input or approval. Peace Peddlers provided the insight and guidance I needed to constructively address the issues I was facing.” Diane C.

_Insight and Guidance,

Peace Peddlers Testimonials
“Peace Peddlers gave me the help I needed to successfully resolve a personal dispute I had with a friend. I found their assistance compassionate and professional.” Craig G.

_Compassionate and Professional,

Peace Peddlers Testimonials