Partner with Us to Increase Peace in Schools.


By choosing to partner with us, you can help engage a generation to resolve and transform conflicts – maybe some within your own company or organization. Our partners directly support schools in a number of ways. Peace Peddlers partners: 

  • Become a partner of our Peace Save Our Schools™ national peace initiative;
  • Fund Peace Peddlers Partnership Grants;
  • Expand school access to Peace Peddlers programs;
  • Offer expertise to develop and validate curriculum; 
  • Offer mentoring, internships, and career-related opportunities; 
  • Advocate for and endorse Peace Peddlers programs in communities and with policymakers.
Peace Peddlers


Our partners not only make a difference in the lives of K-12 students and teachers across the U.S., but they also see a return on their investment. Our partners are directly contributing to the personal development of the future workforce and ensuring graduates have the conflict resolution knowledge, communication, emotional intelligence, negotiation, collaborative problem-solving, critical- and creative-thinking skills they need to succeed. Additionally, we provide our partners with opportunities to connect with Peace Peddlers students and educators. We recognize our partners and the success stories they help create through a variety of marketing and public relations campaigns.  


Businesses today are expected to do more than earn a profit. They are viewed as community members who can positively or negatively affect the overall health of the communities they serve. While it’s not compulsory for businesses to participate in nonprofit initiatives, those that do understand the benefits that come from it. Nonprofit initiatives for businesses are a win-win for everyone involved.

While many businesses steer clear of supporting nonprofit initiatives because they view them as time consuming and costly, the reality is businesses that actively participate in nonprofit initiatives reap rewards that come from contributing to the betterment of society and contributing to the social good. Businesses participating in nonprofit initiatives have helped shape and transform communities, and in doing so have become part of the fabric of the communities they serve.Businesses can boost their CSR by financially supporting nonprofit initiatives. Many nonprofits would not be able to operate without the help of businesses. Some nonprofits rely almost entirely on the generosity of businesses.


Strengthening Community Relationships

Supporting the Peace Save Our Schools™ initiative will help your business strengthen its local, regional, and national ties. Building strong relationships with other corporate supporters will help you create and maintain a strong and friendly community spirit, which strengthens the sense of community and favorably affects commerce.

Strengthening Businesses

Working with other businesses supporting the Peace Save Our Schools™ initiative can result in opportunities for extending business partnerships. Connecting with other businesses will makes your business stronger by improving your referral rates and brand recognition.

Creating Social Good

Financially supporting the Peace Save Our Schools™ initiative helps deliver peace programs to schools across America. Schools and communities benefit from peace education and violence reduction programs, and your support creates more peaceful and prosperous communities for businesses to serve.

Help Support Schools and Communities

Your support of the Peace Save Our Schools™ initiative will help deliver conflict resolution, bullying prevention, peer mediation, restorative practices, crisis intervention, peacemaking, and peacebuilding programs that are sorely needed in schools and communities across America.

Positive Change

Your support of the Peace Save Our Schools™ initiative will create positive change in schools and communities. The changes that come from your support will have a lasting impact on students, educators, and communities for generations to come.


Supporting the Peace Save Our Schools™ initiative will have long-term benefits for your business. Being perceived as a business that’s invested in students, teachers, schools and communities builds a reputation that no marketing campaign can match. Employees prefer working with businesses that have a sense of purpose and contribute to the betterment of society.

Did you know that 93% of the world’s largest 250 companies now publish annual CSR reports? Supporting the Peace Save Our Schools™ initiative will improve your business credentials.

Positive PR

First and foremost, your business can publicize about all the fantastic benefits that come from supporting the Peace Save Our Schools™ initiative. You can tell prospective clients about your support and ask local journalists to cover the work we accomplish together.

A Strong Local, Regional, and National Reputation

Supporting the Peace Save Our Schools™ initiative will get your business recognized as a brand with the right values. Your support will get you noticed, which is a great way of promoting your business.


When your business supports the Peace Save Our Schools™ initiative, your branding will be displayed. Partnering with us is a smart way to promote your business while doing some good at the same time.

Employee Satisfaction

Not only will your involvement in the Peace Save Our Schools™ initiative help keep existing employees happy and engaged, but it can also help your business attract more talent. When people associate you with the Peace Save Our Schools™ initiative, they will view your business in a positive light.

Strong Business Values

Another way in which your business will benefit from partnering with the Peace Save Our Schools™ initiative is it shows you have strong business values. People naturally want to do business with ethical companies who care about corporate responsibility, and your partnership can help prove that your business truly is invested in helping schools and communities. Did you know 50% of consumers are willing to pay more for products from socially responsible companies?

The fact is, businesses that support nonprofit initiatives and are doing social good are able to attract and retain the best employees and improve their profits. Millennials and Gen Z consumers care about the social objectives of companies and support those that are missional and creating social impact. Successful companies are those that are interwoven into communities and are a part of the solution to the problem's communities face. Philanthropy plays a huge role in society and nonprofit initiatives provide high social impact. Supporting nonprofit initiatives impact social impact outcomes, but also achieves market rates of return. Businesses can do both. Businesses can converge profit while focusing on social impact; make money and invest in nonprofit initiatives that return a market rate of return.

Society is changing and values have shifted, businesses are adapting to these changes and making social responsibility the backbone of everything they do. By supporting the Peace Save Our Schools™ initiative, businesses can create a lift to their brand and gain an edge on their competition while creating good in the world.

What is your business waiting for?

Support the Peace Save Our Schools™ initiative.