As a full-service conflict resolution non-profit organization, Peace Peddlers empowers individuals, schools and communities through informed interventions that create positive and sustainable outcomes. By providing capacity-building training and serving as a change agent, we meet our clients’ diverse needs. We take a collaborative approach to planning, recognizing that the greatest impact is achieved when interests and goals are aligned. But that's not all, when our customers purchase any of our products, they are helping increase the peace.


As a peace building organization, we view our customers as partners in the effort to create a more peaceful world. We pride ourselves in working with our partners to provide conflict resolution training to K-12 teachers and students across America. Simply put, 10o% of the purchase price of any of our products helps fund our conflict resolution and mediation training programs.


We believe peace is a process as well as a destination, meaning that once peace is achieved, it must be continually supported.


We believe conflict can be resolved peacefully through the implementation of creative strategies and targeted interventions.


We believe peaceful systems can be built by equipping individuals with the knowledge, skills and confidence to effectively manage conflict.


Conflict is everywhere and impossible to avoid. While it is not inherently bad or negative, conflict can produce bad or negative outcomes if not managed properly. When correctly understood and addressed, conflict can be a force for producing positive change. This is the purpose of the programs we provide K-12 schools. We train our clients on the principles of conflict resolution and collaborative negotiation processes, which allows them to manage conflicts in a way that produces positive change, builds effective relationships, and shapes how they choose to disagree.

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