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Dedicated to building a more peaceful planet one student at a time.

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Project: Peace Peddlers™

Project: Peace Peddlers™ is an online conflict resolution education program designed for students and teachers. Created to address unmanaged, negative conflict in classrooms, schools and communities, the program provides participants training in conflict resolution.

Project: Peace Now™

Project: Peace Now™ is an online conflict intervention program for K-12 schools. Created to address instances of acute conflict in schools and classrooms, Project: Peace Now™ provides students and teachers online mediation and conflict coaching services. 

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About Us 


Our Mission 

To reduce the negative expression of conflict by mobilizing and deploying resources for conflict resolution training and interventions.

What we do 

We provide conflict resolution education and intervention programs to schools to K-12 across the globe through our Project: Peace Peddlers™ and Project: Peace Now™ programs. Our school-focused programs are supported through charitable support, partnerships, sponsorships, and proceeds from our Peace Academy, Peace Forum, and Peace Shop.

Why we do it

Because conflict exists and is often expressed violently, we believe people should possess the knowledge and skills to resolve it, peacefully. 

Why we are successful

It’s our customers, donors, and employees that makes Peace Peddlers® so successful — and makes us optimistic that we can expand our conflict resolution work to meet the challenges ahead. 

How your purchase helps increase peace 

We view our clients as partners in the effort to increase peace in the world and pride ourselves in working with our partners to provide peace education and conflict resolution services to teachers and students around the globe. Simply put, proceeds from our Peace Forum, Peace Academy, and Peace Shop help support our school-focused programs.